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Micro HD

Efficient Manufacturing without limits


Micro HD

The Kern Micro HD represents the latest development of our machines in terms of innovation and impresses with unrivalled long-term precision, the highest possible surface quality and unsurpassed cutting performance for the high-precision user.

Micro HD
Micro HD
Micro HD
Micro HD
Micro HD
  • Compact design and small footprint of less than 5 sqft / 5 m2
  • Supreme machine stability with the advanced Kern temperature management
  • High dynamics and productivity through integrated linear motor drives
  • Best quality and wear-free due to innovative Kern micro-gap hydrostatics
  • High dynamics and productivity with proven components and processes
  • Multi-shift operation without operators and with integrated tool-changer for up to 210 tools and max. 60 workpieces
  • Certified interfaces for additional accessories and automation systems


New benchmark in precision manufacturing

With its novel micro-gap hydrostatics, linear drives and advanced Kern temperature management, the Kern Micro HD is the new benchmark in precision, long-term stability and dynamics. Together with the know-how of our customers and the Kern application technology, the Kern Micro HD is unbeatable.


Product Design

When designing our machine, we take into account all aspects of automated serial production - from automatic tool change to ergonomics at all access points.

Tool change

For fast and safe tool changes during the series production run, all Kern machines have the option of setting up the tool storage during machining. A large number of tool positions enables long autonomous run times, the tools are optimally and clearly arranged. The quick-change system of the Kern Micro is patented.


The optimum accessibility and clamping height of each Kern machine ensure ergonomic working. The work area is bright and easy to see and accessible at all times through a main door, even when the machine is automated.

Axle kinematics

The product design of the Kern machines takes into account optimised axis kinematics in order to minimise the traverse paths, especially for small 5-axis parts. The most economical linear axes possible and generous swivel and rotary axes, as well as the optimised spatial arrangement of the axes, make it possible to produce even complicated free-form geometries with the shortest possible traverse paths in one clamping.

Patented machine stands

The symmetrical portal construction of the Kern machines with a machine stand made of Kern-Armorith (mineral casting, reinforced with heavy steel struts) suppresses practically all vibrations that occur due to its weight and its patented material.


Kern CNC machining centres have standardised interfaces for all common automation systems. Due to the possibility of integrating a KERN into any existing production system, our machines offer the highest flexibility and safety for your automation task.

The automation of a Kern machine for tools and workpieces does not affect your service work in any way, the main door of the machine room remains accessible throughout regardless.

Your Advantage

  • 24/7 Reliable Serial Production 
  • Significant increase in turnover - also in night shifts
  • One operator for many machines

With the new integrated workpiece changer of the Kern Micro, you too have an easy way to enter the world of automation.

Benefits of 100% integrated automation:

  • 24/7 Operation (nights & weekends)
  • Amortisation in less than 12 months
  • No additional footprint
  • No additional software or interfaces necessary
  • Benefit from the high process stability of the Kern Micro

Temperature stability

Kern Microtechnik has developed a high-precision temperature management system for its machining centres that is optimally matched to the requirements of each individual Kern machine.

With the help of our own software algorithms, the heat is dissipated in a controlled manner at the points where it is generated. As a result, the Kern machines achieve a very high temperature stability without burdening the hall air conditioning.

By drastically reducing the sources of thermal errors, this intelligent control of the entire machine periphery, including the cooling lubricants, forms one of the foundations for our Kern potential.

Your advantages

  • zero and kinematic points remain over a long period of time - often over a machine life
  • High process stability leads to significantly reduced cost in quality control
  • Amortisation of your investment with high energy efficiency

Process development

To increase your production capacities, Kern Microtechnik not "only" offers its machines, but also the complete production process for
your parts on request.

Can we also support you in the implementation of a part? Contact our specialists
and discover the Kern potential too!

Training Center

As an authorised training partner of Heidenhain, we offer Heidenhain courses for beginners, users and professionals. In addition, training courses on the operation of Kern machines as well as technical and customer-specific training courses can also be booked.

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Machine support

Our clear goal in Kern service is reliability, worldwide. Whether for machines already purchased or new Kern : in case of emergency, changes or further developments - you can rely on us.

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